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Warwickshire Craft Lodges

Athol Lodge 74

Trinity Lodge 254

Lodge of Unity 567

Bedford Lodge 925

Athelstan Lodge 1333

Machen Lodge 1782

Swan of Avon Lodge 2133

Loyal Travellers Lodge 2733

Murdoch Lodge 3480

Mozart Lodge 3735

Lodge of Goodwill 3899

Lodge of Loyalty 4340

Warwickshire Installed Masters Lodge 4538

Boldmere Lodge 4704

Lodge of Faith & Hope 4772

Greville Lodge 4773

Silhill Lodge 4786

Orion Lodge 4993

University of Birmingham Lodge 5628

Lodge of Assembly 5747

Endurance Lodge 5998

Lodge of St Blaise 6113

Fortior Lodge 6172

Ipsley Lodge 6491

Heart of England Lodge 6549

The Kenilworth Lodge 6939

Birmingham Old Edwardians Lodge 7115

St Mary's Lodge 7244

St Peter's Lodge 7334

Lodge of Happiness 7952

Lodge of Warwick 8011

Fire Service Lodge 8401

Meridian Lodge 9003

Compass Rose Lodge 9420

William Webb Ellis 9754

The Five Points Circle Lodge of Instruction

And finally, not a Warwickshire Lodge but one from Middlesex Province, North Harrow Lodge, No 6657, whose Secretary afforded us great assistance in the commission of this website! (Their site will open in a new page)

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